At least 15 infected in OSCE Ministerial Council in Sweden

Covid-19 has spread from the OSCE meeting held in Sweden to at least 9 countries.  The Foreign Ministers from 51 nations attended the meeting held in Arlanda, outside Stockholm on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021. 


On December 5th, OSCE informed the participants, that two of the persons participating had tested positive for Covid-19 upon returning to their countries. 

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A week later, on December 13th, it was reported 15 participants from 9 different countries had been tested positive.

Sweden has held the rotating OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe — chairmanship since January 2021.



The Swedish arranges have provided the foreign participants who had already left Sweden with advice to get tested, and to follow the regulations of their current locations.  They also provided the Swedish residents with advice as to where they can find information and  get tested. 


No advice was offered to foreign nationals that might still be in Sweden.





The OSCE Chairpersonship has been informed that, as of 5 December, two persons present at the OSCE Ministerial Council have received positive test results for Covid-19 after the meeting. Additional cases cannot be excluded. Participants may have been exposed to covid19 during one or several of the meeting days 1-3 December.

By sending this information letter, the Chairpersonship reminds all delegates and support staff to remain vigilant for any symptoms of respiratory tract infection (sore throat, fever, cough and a general feeling of illness) during 14 days after the conclusion of the OSCE Ministerial Council.

If you have already left Sweden, please follow the rules and regulations at your current location for persons who may have been exposed. As a general rule if you have any such symptoms as listed above, you should immediately self-isolate to prevent further spread and order a test for covid-19 in accordance with your national guidelines/your country’s guidelines.

Residents in Sweden should order a test through 1177/Alltid öppet. Please refer to the following website for information and access to testing in Sweden:

If you cannot schedule a test via the app or by telephone: If you don’t have mobilt BankId or a personal ID number (personnummer), or if you have a protected or confidential ID (skyddat id), you can contact your healthcare centre and get help from them.


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