Criticism of Sweden’s pandemic management: Royal Academy of Sciences

Sweden could have used an “expert group with  international roots in relevant areas and with high scientific competence.” 

Criticism of Sweden’s pandemic management: Appoint expert group for future pandemics

Sweden should set up an expert group that can give decision-makers advice in the event of major outbreaks. This is the opinion of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), which has looked at the spread of covid-19 and what lessons can be learned for future pandemics.

According to KVA, the expert group should have “international roots in relevant areas” with high scientific competence.

– We envisage that such a unit will give the government, responsible politicians and authorities access to updated scientific information and advice on, among other things, infectious agents, infection spread, infection control measures, implementation of test methods and vaccination strategies, says expert group chairman Staffan Normark in a press release.

In a final report, KVA presents a number of lessons for future pandemics. KVA points to the importance of introducing powerful measures at an early stage in order to better control the infection. This includes the rapid establishment of testing and especially for those who travel in from areas where infection is present.

“The extensive morbidity and high mortality Sweden received during the first two pandemic waves was primarily due to too mild and delayed measures to prevent the initial spread of infection,” writes KVA in its final report.

It is also pointed out that infection tracing and quarantine for those who have been infected is important in order to be able to handle the spread of infection. The Academy of Sciences also sees that a shorter shutdown of society may be necessary to better control the infection.

November 30, 2021

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