Study: Covid spread from Sweden to Neighboring Countries. Tegnell: No Comment

The study, conducted by researchers at University of Sydney in Australia, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and Uppsala University in Sweden is presented in the European Infection Control Agency’s journal Eurosurveillance.

The study where 71,000 patient samples were analyzed, found that Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy has led to the infection being transmitted from Sweden to other countries. 

The study describes how chains of transmission originating in Sweden have led to hundreds of cases of Covid-19 infections in other countries, Finland being particularly affected.

Corona infections spreading from Sweden to Finland, suspension of cross-border commute under consideration

Sweden not publishing Norrbotten deaths while the Finnish Government  is considering to suspend cross-border commute.

Sweden fails to track the delta-variant – Delta from Sweden in Finnish samples.

Finnish governments pleads to Sweden to provide the commuting hospital workers with adequate PPE

It is believed that it was the Finnish commuters who brought the Swedish virus back to Finland with them.  The study shows that chains of transmission included more people in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries, and the researchers believe that the number of infections would have been smaller both in Sweden and in the neighboring countries, had Sweden chosen manage the epidemic differently.

2021-12-01 17_47_04-Studie_ Sverige exporterade covid till andra länder _ SVT Nyheter — Mozilla Fire
SVT Nyheter have approached  the Swedish Public Health Agency and Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren. They do not want to comment on the study, the authority’s and the government’s press service announces.

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