To run around town with a small rag that gets wet, that it works, there is not much evidence for

More countries require people to wear masks

More and more countries are urging people to wear masks when outdoors when possible.

In the United States and France, citizens are advised to do so. In northern Italy, it has become a law, writes The Guardian.

But in Sweden, experts disagree about the benefit of personal protection to the public.

In affected countries in Asia, it is almost considered rude not to wear a mask when going out. The tradition has been there for a long time due to air pollution.

But now countries such as the United States and France are also issuing recommendations to protect the mouth and face when staying outdoors and having to move among other people.

In hard-hit Lombardy in northern Italy, a regional law was enacted making it forbidden to go out without wearing a mask. Recommendations for wearing a mask outside are also being considered in Spain. It writes The Guardian.

On Swedish streets and squares, masks are not yet as common a sight as down on the continent. But according to the Swedish Public Health Agency, there is information that shows that masks can prevent a virus carrier from infecting others with the small drops that are found in saliva and mucus, and which are thrown out, for example during a cough.

– Now there is new data that masks can actually help against drip infection. We get new knowledge all the time, says Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of department at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

At the same time, the authority writes on its website that masks are not necessary in ordinary situations in society, but that it is more important to keep your distance from others and handle hand hygiene meticulously.

Former state epidemiologist Johan Giesecke also questions the benefits of protecting non-care staff.The evidence that it would work is small. In healthcare, it works well. But to run around town with a small rag that gets wet, that it works, there is not much evidence for.

2021-11-28 23_21_49-Profit på Covid-19 – Giesecke och läkemedelskapitalet - — Mozilla F

John Giesecke, former State Epidemiologist.  Vocal opponent against public wearing masks. 

2020-04-06 09_45_26-Window


From SVT April 6, 2020

Mr Giesecke was the same person who gave name to this site, by famously declaring how he thinks Covid-19 is going to be no more dangerous than a common flu.  Don’t we all wish that he would have as carefully considered how much evidenced there was for that.

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