You can put that study in the trash

Whether the coronavirus is transmitted from people without symptoms is a question that many ask. A small study from the British medical journal on cases in China showed that four out of five infected people may have no symptoms. The study itself does not give Professor Anders Sönnerborg much for, partly because the data is small.
– I do not think that is a study really, but it is a journalist who made a wrong analysis. So you can put that study in the trash, he says in Helgstudion.
But that people can be infected without experiencing symptoms, he thinks is probably true.
-It is, however, unclear how much it contributes to the spread of infection in society. Those who cough and sneeze are probably the ones behind most of the infection, says Professor Anders Sönnerborg in Helgstudion.

2020-04-05 12_04_36-CompatWindow


I am not saying that the study in the British Medical journal is or is not valid.  What puzzles me, is the flow of Swedish experts who have declared that they ‘think’ Covid-19 is going to be like a Common Flu (thanks for giving the name for this site), that Sweden is about to reach herd immunity before the epidemy has even started for real, and the studies about how hospital staff working with Covid-19 patients does not need personal protective equipment. 

Mr Sönnerborg – you have nothing to say about all that!  But this of all things you think belongs in the trash can.

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