Region Norbotten Deaths Not Reported

2020-04-04-160211 (Phone)From Public Broadcasting Newsfeed:


The number of dead is not correct. 1 deceased Norrbotten but there are 4 of them. And been like that for several days. So there may be several more that are missed in Sweden

@Ricky – Hey! This is how a colleague answered me in SVT Norrbotten’s own corona chat: “We receive many comments that we would report the wrong death toll and corona infections. But this is not true, but we follow Region Norrbotten’s statistics and figures. However, the Public Health Agency seems to lag behind with his figures for Norrbotten, which Region Norrbotten’s infection control doctor Anders Nystedt has confirmed. He also does not understand why FHM is late with its updates. “

The real answer to this question can be found in geography, and a post from a couple of days ago:

Corona infections spreading from Sweden to Finland – Infection Chief Markku Broas suggests cross-border commuting should be suspended

Norrbotten, of course, is the region of Sweden that is bordering to Finland.  The government of Finland is at this moment deciding if the cross-border commute should be suspended.  There are lots of hospital staff on the Finnish side, who commute to Sweden every day.  It is in Sweden’s interest to make sure they will continue to do so. 


Desperate times call for desperate measures.  But conspiring to keep relevant statistics from a friendly nation, who needs this information to be able to deem if it should take steps to protect its citizens.  That is thick, Sweden!

Two Screenshots taken on April 6th:  One from Region Norrland’s pages, showing that the correct Numbers had been posted there already April 3rd.  The second from the Swedish Public Broadcasting ‘Datajournalism’ – Aprl 6th still not updated with the correct numbers of deaths in Norrland:

 2020-04-06 12_05_45-CompatWindow  2020-04-06 12_05_59-CompatWindow

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