Even a flattened curve has a peak

Untitled-2Swedish Public Broadcasting, April 2, 2020:

We now hear that the curve is starting to go up. This does not automatically mean that attempts to flatten it have failed. Even a flattened curve has a peak, but it is not as high. We do not know how high a peak Sweden’s curve will be – if it will stay below the healthcare capacity (the desirable) or exceed it (what we do not want), but the longer it took for a curve to start going up (= of course later day 0 occurred) the flatter curve. The Swedish curve has been fairly flat for about a month, which according to the Swedish Public Health Agency is positive. When the curve starts to rise, however, there will be a couple of critical weeks. According to the government and the authorities, it is especially important that the advice is therefore followed now so that the curve does not stick out and get a very high peak. The Public Health Agency has not yet said whether we have seen a day 0, but that that day has occurred can only be ascertained a few days later

2020-04-02 19_13_17-CompatWindow

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