Region Stockholm – The Storm is Here. Tegnell–Stable situation

Director of health and medical care: ‘The Storm is Here’. 18 death in 24 Hours in Stockholm.

State epidemiologist Tegnell:  we currently have a stable situation. Between 100 and 200 new cases are detected.

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Svenska Dagbladet Published 2020-03-26

Coronastorm or stable location in Stockholm? There is still no clear answer.

“The storm is over us,” said Stockholm’s director of health and medical care, Björn Eriksson, at a hastily convened press conference yesterday due to 18 people dying in Stockholm in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus. He described the situation as dramatic.

Just four hours before that, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at the Swedish Public Health Agency had stated that the situation was “stable”.

Why these double messages?

– I have no comments on that. We must first get in touch with Stockholm to get better control, says Anders Tegnell to TT.

Is the storm over us or not?

We have to find out what they (Stockholm) see that we do not see. So that we do not waver back and forth. It would be very strange.

To date, more than 2,500 people have been confirmed infected with the coronavirus in Sweden, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency. The death toll on Thursday morning is 62 people.

The Stockholm region is now in a state of reinforcement, the highest level of preparedness, but has not yet entered a state of emergency.

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