“Who Rules in Sweden? The Government or the Public Health Authority?”

2020-03-24-214503 (Phone)Politicians rule the country. but just as far as everything else is concerned, they listen and take in expert opinions from the authorities. In this case, the public health authority.

A good question asked in Swedish Public Broadcast newsfeed.  The government has not been heard of. The Giant Egos from the Public Health Authority have been basking in the limelight, offering what mostly seems like their personal opinions, and what ‘they think.’ 

Added much later, when I happened also to read the comment below that one.  A good example of how the Swedes absorb the statements made by authority figures, and make them their own:

I want someone to give a solid explanation for why Covid-19 has caused mass hysteria and shutdown of the world when it is not even close to the number of deaths caused by a “regular” seasonal flu where about 300,000 die each year. If it were more dangerous and more contagious, we would already see completely different figures in terms of the number of infected and dead. As I said, give me a solid explanation!

This is a template.  It is like this person felt he had to make up  some way to be part of the patriotic community who communally owns the message, so he performed a ritual in public: I stand with this message of Ander Tegnell:

I want a solid explanation <the official, repeated message> As I said, give me a solid explanation! 

There is now a cult starting to form around the person.

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