Tegnell: "A spread [of Covid-19] in school is not dangerous"

2020-03-17-105305 (Phone)Even in Sweden, we are now urged to take greater care to reduce the infection of the coronavirus. The Public Health Agency came on Monday with the council that everyone who lives in the Stockholm area and can work from home should also do so. In addition, the elderly (over the age of 70) should avoid social contacts as much as possible. Especially if the elderly and have a cardiovascular disease or lung disease.

– We are beginning to see very clear signs that there is a spread in Sweden, perhaps especially in the Stockholm area, which is not linked to travelers and travelers, ie that we have our own spread in the country. And that means that we are very likely on our way into a curve where we will see more and more cases at an increasing rate right now. And then it is important that more measures are now put in place, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell in Morgonstudion.

– It is now clear that this type of measure will have the greatest and best effect.

If school children stay at home, it will have very big effects, says Tegnell.

– Not least in health care, which will get rid of a lot of its staff. (Adults who work in healthcare must stay at home with their children if schools are closed) This is a completely unacceptable effect, says Tegnell.

– A spread in the school is not dangerous. This disease is not dangerous for children. We have to remember that, says Tegnell.

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